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Each product we make is custom and manufactured to percise, industry leading and safety standards, from concept design through to results-driven performance.

By utilizing this technology we can significantly reduce the costs to the client usually associated with either modifying existing equipment/structure within a brownfields environment, or with installing new equipment.


This is achieved through the following:


  • Exact dimensions are captured in a 3D Point cloud which can consist of over 100 million points in space, these point clouds can then be used to construct an exact replica of the location
  • Typical accuracy for these environments is around 2-3mm with a range up to 100m possible
  • Reverse Engineering of existing structure is possible where original drawings are unavailable
  • Accuracy involved ensures the new equipment will integrate seamlessly
  • By using the remote measuring abilities safety is increased as often, no downtime of plant equipment is require’


The technology and level of sophistication in industries today creates
an ongoing need for new products that are specifically designed to
match the pace of innovation. MaddisonWright is constantly working
with many of the industry’s top companies to develop specialist industry
engineering solutions. Maddison Wright has experience across the full project l
ifecycle from cradle to grave, through design & drafting to manufacturing and
site installation. Examples of this are shown with the completed projects below..


Maddison Wright specialise in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the food processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceuticaland allied industries in Australia, our point of differencen is the high quality attention to detail that is needed to succeed in such a high quality, sanitation environment


MaddisonWright are providing it’s in depth experience and wealth of knowledge to successfully deliver turnkey installations to a range ofnational clients. Our Project Managers and Site Supervisors have the technical and practical skills and knowledge to ensure your projects are delivered on time, within budget and exceeding client expectations.

MaddisonWright uses lean management principles in all projects and fabrications to achieve optimum client satisfaction..

MaddisonWright delivers mechanical and equipment installations to multiple industries and sectors. In particular, stainless steel project installations, which require complex pipework and tube installation to plant and process equipment.

MaddisonWright is one of the leading companies supplying complex pipework and tube installations nationally. With a wealth of experience, MaddisonWright delivers innovation in fabrication and mechanical installations for the mining, commercial, food and beverage, and chemical industries. We are your dedicated project partner, specialising in pipe and sanitary tube installations and fabrications.

Through implementation of our core missions, vision & value’s MaddisonWright’s priority is to be competitive with a total focus and commitment on delivering quality products & services with an extensive attention to detail and a core focus delivering these objectives safely.


Client: Donnans Construction

Job: Fabricate and Errect structural steel for townhouse developments
Material: Mild Steel



Client: Pneuvay Engineering
Job: Pressure Pots, Receival Vessels
Material: Mild Steel



Client: Pneuvay Engineering
Job: 125NB Pipework Fabrication
Material: Mild Steel


Client: Filltec
Job: Design, Draft, Manufacture and Install – 1 X 20KL Water Tank
Material: 304



Client: HPS Engineering
Job: Chemical Cabinets
Material: 316



Client: HPS Engineering
Job: Peroxide and IBC Storage Units
Material: 316



Client: Lycopodium
Job: Chemical mixing tanks
Material: 304



Client: Lycopodium
Job: Hot water baths
Material: 304



Client: SPC
Job: Juice recovery tanks
Material: 316


CIP Upgrade


Client: HPS Engineering
Site: Tatura Milk



Client: TetraPak
Job: Construction of Whey Room/Milk Reception
Duration: 12 Months



Client: TetraPak
Job: Construction of Line 3
Duration: 3 Months



We have the capability and engineering expertise to custom design and build all manner of components and equipment
in a range of materials. Small or large fabrication projects are managed seamlessly. Attention to detail and quality is all
part of the service. Our solution-oriented perspective enables us to deliver tangible results, from identifying key issues,
to developing the design, fabrication and, if required, managing installation.

  • Aluminium Welding
  • Blast, Prime & Painting
  • Coded Welding
  • Food Grade Fabrications
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Polishing
  • Pipe Spooling – Mild Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Testing Vessels
  • Purge Pipe Welding
  • Sheet Metal
  • Skid Fabrications
  • Specialised stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Pressure vessels
  • Tank Fabrication
  • Tube Installation
  • Vessel Fabrication
  • Weld Passivation